Recent life effort necessitates a chronicle of my desire to receive more light, become a greater follower of righteousness, obtain more knowledge, become sanctified and preach the gospel.  I have been blogging for years on worthy, yet by comparison, insignificant topics.  I will still write occasionally at on secular matters.  This blog is devoted to my quest for greater discipleship of the Lord Jesus Christ.  If only my children read this, it will be well worth the effort to write, but it will not be new to them.  They hear me, and when I am devoted, they watch me say and do what I write on this blog.

I acknowledge and have confessed my sins and will continue to do so.  It is because of my sins that I have come to know in a profound and perfect way that Jesus really did atone for my sins and that he loves me in a way and in a depth that I cannot fathom.  I am also certain that he loves you too and that he is waiting for you to seek him.  If  this blog helps you to begin seeking, points you in his direction, inspires you to move toward him or reveals him to you, it will have been worth all of the effort.


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